Beer made from 100%…..

November 14, 2018

Water is one of the most essential resources to our survival. It is used to keep our communities healthy, our cities running, and our economy growing. Due to global warming we are facing ever-increasing risks of shortages. Water resources are becoming more strained by aging infrastructure, population growth, pollution and climate change. Reusing water is a vital part of the solution for a more sustainable future. Recycled water is now being used efficiently and safely in locations where additional water resources are needed including in microbrews. Introducing, the world’s most sustainable brew made from 100% pure recycled wastewater? The Pure Water Brewing Alliance formed in 2017 consists of pioneering brewers, water utilities, consultants and professional associations that have teamed up to build public understanding of the water cycle, showcase water treatment, and advance water sustainability. After going through numerous treatment barriers, technology allows water utilities to produce safe, purified, recycled water – that meets or beats drinking water standards. Attendees of WEFTEC 2018 got to sample these reuse brews in a relaxed garden-like setting at the Pure Water Brewing Alliance Beer Garden.

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