Through Design/Build approach concept, Milnes Engineering and Construction combine their skills and use their expertise as working partners to build high quality, cost effective systems and structures. Our team provides a customized design plan to meet specific client needs including:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Pre-Planning and Preparation
  • BuildingSite Design Evaluation and Engineering Services
  • Securing Local and State Permits and Regulatory Approvals
  • Turnkey Construction Management Services

Milnes Engineering and Construction can also partner with external firms to increase our potential and provide the greatest outcome to the client.

In most situations, we believe the design/ build process results in a more streamlined, less costly project for several reasons:

  • Accountability – The design/build approach provides a single source for the entire project. Teamwork is encouraged between the architect/engineer/designer/contractor/owner to set the stage for a successful project.
  • Budget Management – Discussing cost implications of design before the bids come helps to keep the project within a realistic budget and allows the client to play a key role in the final price.
  • Enhanced Communication – The benefits of working with design and construction professionals at the same time allow potential problems to be discovered before construction starts, saving time and adding value.
  • Scheduling & Purchasing long lead time items before the entire design is finalized are realized as overall Time and Cost Savings.
  • Quality – the design/build method removes ambiguity that may arise in material and construction specifications. Since the designer, engineer and builder are from the same team or firm, the focus remains on value to the client.

By combining specialized design and construction experience into one team, the owner realizes the benefits of one stop shopping at its best.