Milnes Engineering and Construction has been involved in the Design and Construction of many types of commercial/industrial projects including:

  • Grocery/Retail
  • Banks/Financial
  • Commercial/Office
  • Concrete Work

Our Project Managers and Field Supervisors take care to:

  • Schedule – develop project schedule using customer milestones and material constraints
  • Communicate – keep client informed and included in project progress and issues to be resolved.
  • Expedite – follow submittal approvals through purchase order and delivery to ensure the project can remain on schedule.
  • Coordinate – ensure direct hire forces and subcontractors progress in accordance with project schedule.

Milnes Engineering and Construction is experienced with upgrade/remodel activities during business hours. Our crews can work at night and/or off-peak hours and bring new processes online with minimum disruption to operations.

We utilize long-term relationships with expert subcontractors to work together as a familiar team. In an effort to maintain safety, our company ensures that:

  • All field staff have OSHA 10-hour level training minimum
  • All field superintendents have OSHA 30-hour level training minimum
  • All field crew receive regular first aid/CPR training